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henna 5

“A natural-born storyteller.”–Library Journal

“Splendid.”–The New York Times

“Elegantly imagined, original, finely tuned work.”–The Miami Herald

“Haunting . . . Dressler crafts a beautiful, sensitive story.”–The Monitor

“Taut, accomplished, dense with the scrap material of the past.”–Publishers Weekly

“Captures both heartbreak and hope, wrapped in careful language that is crystalline in its clarity.”–The Denver Post

“Clean, clear, remorseless. Just the way we like it.” –The Massachusetts Review

“Sure-handed contemporary wonder.”–The Austin Chronicle

“Casual brilliance.”–Texas Monthly

“Quirky charm.”–Booklist

“Finely crafted.”–Kirkus Reviews

“Unique . . . penetrating . . . yet never sacrifices the humor or humanity of her characters.”–The Santa Cruz Sentinel

“Dressler signals that she sets out to write, not just to tell, a story.”–The Houston Chronicle


photo credit: Zachary Morgan