‘A natural-born storyteller’

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‘Elegantly imagined, finely tuned work.’

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‘She sets out out to write, not just tell, a story.’

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A “superior paranormal thriller . . . surprising and moving.” —Publishers Weekly

“In classic Dressler fashion, the latest Last Ghost story is totally engrossing, and overflowing with confounding questions about life and death.”—Booklist

In a climate-ravaged town in the remote Utah desert, a house remodels itself, a cemetery is rearranged, and an ancient valley is suddenly haunted by a glimmering visitor. Called in to “clean” the unwanted dead, ghost hunter Philip Pratt finds himself in territory at once familiar and unfamiliar, stalking the spirit of Emma Rose Finnis, a one-hundred-year-old phantom who has never let his own spirit rest.

Yet Emma has come to this blazing desert for her own reasons—to see just how far a ghost can go in a changing world. And if a living man bars her path, she must find a way through him, even if it means risking her heart and soul. Joined by other ghosts of the West, both old and new, she will make her stand for the unexpected chance at love and home, far from the cold ocean grave where she began.

A boldly imaginative tale of loss, hope, and danger by the award-winning author of the Last Ghost series, Our Eyes at Night is a journey through a stunning landscape of inescapable consequences, for both the living and the dead.

“What if everyone in the world already took it for granted that ghosts existed? And what if the ghosts were only a ‘problem’ because of the mind-set of the living? M Dressler mines rich allegorical territory in her The Last Ghost series [and] Our Eyes at Night.”—Salt Lake City Weekly

Our Eyes at Night is a work of great wit and imagination, with chills aplenty. Grab it if you see it; you won’t be disappointed. M Dressler has a masterful grip on narrative and can write the lights out. I am new to her work but will be devouring her back catalogue in short order.”—Billy O’Callaghan, author of The Dead House

“Eerie and daring, a lyrically told tale of powerful and purposeful spirits that will leave you pondering what the dead might actually think of the living, and whether the wall between the two is ever as impermeable as we believe. ”—Elizabeth Crook, author of The Which Way Tree

“Combining the normalization of horror and surprising depths, Our Eyes at Night captures a world just beyond our reality, a world whose presence we fear not because it’s scary but because it is so very familiar.”—Eric Barnes, author of The City Where We Once Lived

“Maybe we’ve all learned how to live with ghosts. We are aware now more than ever of how we occupy haunted spaces. Still, perhaps most of us haven’t learned to think of our ghosts as of us, as actually us—as this terrific novel suggests. Our Eyes at Night is a ghost story, yes.  More than that, it gives us a story about humanity: it is a tale of pursuit and an heroic journey; it is a novel about fear and politics, about race and class and gender, about loyalty and persistence and especially about love. It interrogates the nature not so much of death (though it does that) as of life and choice. Our Eyes at Night is full of wonder and humanity, and it is deeply, deeply satisfying.”Katherine Coles, Utah poet laureate and author of Look Both Ways

READ THE BOOK THAT STARTED IT ALL: THE LAST TO SEE ME, THE LAST GHOST SERIES BOOK ONE–NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK! Winner of the Book Pipeline Award and the Audiofile Award for Fiction.  Kindle #1 Bestseller, NOOK Bestseller.

‘Bewitching . . . compelling . . . a gorgeous mystery.’ Kirkus Reviews

‘Chilly . . . and unforgettable.’Booklist

In a world where ghosts are considered ‘unclean,’ Emma Rose Finnis, dead for over a hundred years, refuses to be driven from her home into the darkness where a hunter says she belongs. A ‘riveting supernatural duel that reveals itself one measured and lyrical gut punch at a time,’ The Last To See Me marks the arrival of a new and powerful voice in the realm of literary suspense.

‘Spellbinding from page one.’Library Journal (Starred Review)

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“A captivating page-turner”Booklist

CONTINUE THE JOURNEY:  In I SEE YOU SO CLOSE, the second book in the award-winning THE LAST GHOST SERIES, a woman long dead must unlock the wintry secrets of a remote Sierra Nevada town, its Gold Rush past, and even of time itself, if she hopes to outlast the ghost hunter who relentlessly pursues her free spirit.

“Tense, lyrical, masterful . . . a fierce protagonist . . . series fans will savor this taut, lushly told tale of secrets.”– Publishers Weekly


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