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The Wedding of Anna F. is a challenging, literary novella about an elderly Jewish woman who tells an Arabic student an incredible tale: that she is Anne Frank, the author of “The Diary of a Young Girl” and the most famous victim of Hitler’s Germany. As their conversation progresses tensions grow between two people listening to each other’s stories, yet struggling to hear. A tale of loss, fantasy, deception, and hope.

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A BookSense Pick and named one of the Best Books of the Year, The Deadwood Beetle traces the wrenching life of Dr. Tristan Martens, an entomologist who is forced to emerge from the cocoon of his specialized research and confront the secrets of his family’s terrible past. “An original, finely tuned novel.” — The Miami Herald

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Harry Buelle, the son of a famous and irascible Southern playwright, dreads spending a weekend in his father’s beach house. But so begins The Floodmakers, the serio-comic story of one family’s struggle to survive the searing heat of a summer tempest, and the powerful undertow of its ancient rivalries. “You know the people; you smell the sea air, feel the grit of sand . . . you will feel that, like Ibsen’s, these characters exist somewhere, along the coast.” — The Dallas Morning News

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In the tradition of Amy Tan and Gloria Naylor, The Medusa Tree tells the story of a family of displaced immigrant women who throughout conflict, mythmaking, and misunderstanding provide one another with love and sanctuary. “A haunting story about the legacies of love and war, about three women living with hope and loss and each other. A splendid debut.” — Robert Olen Butler

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